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Rick and Morty cross over with Rainbow Six Siege, for some reason

Smoke Pickle Rick and Gromflomite Sledge available for $20 each

Bizarre character skins for Rainbow Six Siege, making reference to Rick and Morty gags like Pickle Rick and the Gromflomites Image: Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft

For starters, yes, Rick and Morty cross over with Rainbow Six Siege in a cosmetic bundle available tomorrow. But why? Well, because of the operators they’ve chosen for their skins, it gives everyone the opportunity to say “Smoke Pickle Rick,” a delightful double entendre that the character no doubt approves of.

Smoke Pickle Rick (at left, above) is joined by Sledge Gromflomite (right, we think) in a cosmetic bundle available Thursday. These skins correspond to the Defender Smoke, and Attacker Sledge (both canonically hailing from the U.K.’s Special Air Service, if that is for some reason significant).

Sledge gets “all the items needed to survive breaches and defend galaxies,” says Ubisoft. This means he has a Gromflomite uniform and headgear, a Federation Defense attachment skin, a weapon skin for the M590A1, and the “Seal Team Rick” charm (the dangle seen at right, above).

Smoke’s getup doesn’t look like a pickle at all. Instead it’s “the infamous gear that helped Rick survive the sewers and avoid therapy,” says Ubi, which means Smoke is wearing rat body parts. He also gets a Portal Gun attachment skin, a weapon skin, and the Pickle Rick Charm (leftmost charm, above).

Past Rainbow Six Siege crossovers have been more orthodox — Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. But Ubisoft Montreal did give a shout-out to their friends at Nomada Studio with a Gris-themed weapon skin at the end of 2019.

Each bundle is 2,160 R6 Credits; Ubisoft sells 2,670 R6 Credits for $19.99, so consider whether you really want to dress up like a rat or an insectoid for when you’re sitting down for some serious team tactics shooter time.

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