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Warframe’s new spaceship update includes a sweet sea shanty

Taking the fight to the Corpus

Warframe, the free-to-play space ninja game, updated with a new chapter of content on April 13. The Call of the Tempestarii patch includes a solo quest of the same name, the Sevagoth Warframe, and a big update to the spaceship with new capitalist enemies. The full patch notes are available on Warframe’s official forums.

Arguably the neatest addition to the game with this update is a new song, Sleeping in the Cold Below. Sleeping in the Cold Below is a Corpus shanty sung by crews aboard their spacefaring vessels. This isn’t the first time Digital Extremes has released a complete banger of a song along with a new update; the workers on Fortuna sing We All Lift Together, which has been a classic since its launch in 2018.

Call of the Tempestarii is available for any player who owns a Railjack ship and has completed the Deadlock Protocol, which was a story quest explaining the origins of Corpus figure Parvos Granum. The quest unlocks the blueprint for Sevagoth, a Warframe who’s able to fill his well with enemy souls in order to unleash a powerful melee Shadow. The Railjack has also been simplified and streamlined for new and solo players.

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