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Days Gone comes to PC on May 18

Coming to Steam and the Epic Games Store

Days Gone will make the jump from PlayStation to Windows PC on May 18, developer SIE Bend Studio announced Thursday in a PlayStation Blog post. Days Gone is the third major PlayStation exclusive to come to PC, after Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding last year.

The PC version of Days Gone offers some new features, like 21:9 ultrawide monitor support. It also has improved graphics, an unlocked frame rate, controller support for a variety of controller types, mouse and keyboard support, and an enhanced photo mode.

Days Gone follows the story of Deacon St. John, a biker in the Pacific Northwest’s forests working to survive the zombie apocalypse. Players use weapons and various tools to take out hordes of zombies, and traverse the game’s world via Deacon’s customizable hog.

This news comes nearly a week after Bloomberg’s report saying that Sony Bend pitched Days Gone 2, but that Sony rejected the pitch in favor of a new Uncharted title under Naughty Dog’s supervision.

Days Gone will arrive simultaneously on the Epic Games Store, Steam, and a “range of digital retailers.”

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