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Minecraft Realms are down, leaving adventurers disappointed

Unable to connect to world

Minecraft characters, including animals like a sheep and a pig, pose on the top of a hill Image: Mojang/Xbox Game Studios

Minecraft’s Realms, the official online servers for the block building sandbox game, are down. Players are reporting that they have been unable to access their Realms for over twelve hours. Polygon can confirm these reports; I have been unable to access my own personal Realm since Wednesday morning. The error message simply reads “Unable to connect to world.”

These outages do not appear to be consistent to any one time; some players have reported that they have been unable to access their Realm since Wednesday, whereas others say the issue only started on Thursday.

Realms is a feature that’s only available on the Bedrock version of the game. Java Minecraft and other private servers do not appear to be having any issues at the moment. Realms require a monthly subscription, and can have up to 10 active players, as well as the host.

Mojang has acknowledged the outage in a tweet, writing that the developer’s engineers are “actively investigating Realms reports.” Polygon contacted Microsoft for more information, but was referred back to the original tweet.

Because Realms require a monthly subscription, some fans are a little frustrated that they’re unable to get online. Until we get an update from Mojang, we won’t know what the exact issue is, but players should rest assured they’re not alone, and the problem isn’t on their end.

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