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The Mass Effect trilogy remaster comes with a fun photo mode

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Mass Effect - Ashley Williams, a companion, wearing pink and white marine armor. Image: BioWare/Electronic Arts
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The Mass Effect trilogy takes players to a wide variety of stunning locations, from icy mountains to vast alien civilizations. Now, Shepard can stop and smell the roses a little more, because the upcoming remaster of the game, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, will include a photo mode.

Mac Walters, the project director for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition release, shared the feature with a tweet. The example image shows the beloved companion Garrus on the planet of Ontarom.

An additional tweet by technical design director Brenon Holmes confirmed that all three games on all platforms will contain photo mode, meaning that players can stop and snap away at most points in the game. (You can’t stop a cutscene to take photos, unfortunately, as the feature only works when the player is able to hit pause.)

Shepard should have plenty of reason to stop and snap some shots; the Legendary Edition boosts the visuals of all three games, making characters and environments look much more sharp and modern. The new edition also retools some of the first Mass Effect’s most frustrating decisions and mechanics, like the Mako. BioWare and Electronic Arts will release Mass Effect Legendary Edition on May 14 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

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