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Ubisoft is making Assassin’s Creed children’s books now

Adam Hargreaves will take the Mr. Men series into Ubisoft’s time-hopping franchise

Mr. Tickle in ancient Greece. Image: Ubisoft via Polygon

Ubisoft is partnering with Hachette Heroes to produce a series of children’s books based on the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The six-volume collection will be written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves, son of the late Roger Hargreaves, who currently carries on his father’s work on the Mr. Men and Little Miss series.

“By mixing the Assassin’s Creed sense of adventure and history with the colorful and delightful designs of the Little Mr. Men, these books will appeal to both young and adult readers,” Ubisoft said Wednesday in a news release. “Follow Mister Ezio, Little Miss Kassandra, and Little Miss Eivor, as they each try to complete their own missions in the first three books of this series!”

Mister Ezio, as well as additional Assassin’s Creed characters, scamper across the traditional white background of the Mr. Men series. Image: Ubisoft

The Mr. Men series began in 1971 with Mr. Tickle and has since grown to become one of the most recognizable and beloved series of books for early readers. They combine simple words with bright, bold graphics and humorous situations. Popular books in the series include Mr. Happy, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Noisy, and Mr. Messy.

The Assassin’s Creed franchise was launched in 2007. In it, players use science-fiction technology to access the genetic memories of distant ancestors. Those memories are then experienced via a form of in-fiction virtual reality where players relive scenes of visceral combat — including the assassination of historical figures. Players explore accurate representations of ancient Greece, Egypt, London, the British Colonies in North America, and other locations, where they do murders.

Today’s post was a bit light on details, so we did a little digging and found a website detailing the other books in the Hachette Heroes line of Mr. Men products. With the help of French-speaking coworker and Assassin’s Creed fan Simone de Rochefort, I’ve been able to determine the nature of previous entries in the line. They include several books on the Doctors Who (two through 10), a humorous take on life during quarantine, and — my personal favorite — Monsieur Heureux Et La Fête D’entreprise. Roughly translated, that title is Mr. Happy And The Company Party.

Unlike these new Assassin’s Creed titles, several of the books — including the one about Mr. Happy — are marked with an “adults only” badge.

No word yet on when these Assassin’s Creed books will be released. But, in the meantime, if you’re looking to expand your library of games-adjacent children’s literature please allow us to also recommend the latest from Games Workshop’s Warhammer Adventures. Because every parent knows that in the grim darkness of the far future the Emperor protects us from the forces of Chaos, but that whole literacy thing is still on you.

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