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Diablo Immortal starts a new alpha test full of endgame content

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Goatmen and dungeons and raids, oh my!

A new closed alpha is beginning for Diablo Immortal, and it’s chock full of content that’ll be important to the final game. A technical alpha in December allowed players to test out the first four classes, itemization, and early gameplay systems. This beta, which will begin with a limited number of Australian Android users, contains a new class and end-game content.

A new class, the Crusader, joins the party. Players will get to see how the Crusader, who originated in Diablo 3, plays on the mobile version. They are a mid-range tanky character with holy magics and melee strikes. The next class to join Immortal with be the Necromancer in a future testing phase. This completes the launch roster; more heroes are planned in future updates.

As for new places to explore, testers will gain access to Mount Zavain, a monastery having problems with goat demons. The Frozen Tundra is a mountainous region where barbarians fend off the armies of Baal, and has a dungeon called the Cavern of Echoes.

There’s a PVP mode currently being tested as well called the Cycle of Strife. There are three factions: Adventurers, Shadows, and Immortals. Adventurers start out with completing daily missions, then choose between ascending to a Shadow or an Immortal. Each faction has a unique activity to complete, and are carefully ranked. The Shadows can earn power over time and then try to dethrone the Immortals and start a new Cycle. Players can also test 8 vs. 8 player battlegrounds.

The closed alpha also has a Helliquary, a progression system with multiple in-game currencies that unlocks new challenges. There’s also a tree that allows players to customize their Legendary gear thanks to Essence Transfer, a system inspired by Reaper of Souls’ Kunai’s Cube.

The full patch notes and details are available on Blizzard’s official site. There is currently no launch date for Diablo Immortal.