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Genius makes horrible goose game honks 10,000 times worse


Untitled Goose Game - a child kicks a soccer ball slowly down a street. A goose is waiting to ambush him with honks. House House/Panic

We all chuckled at the horrible bird from Untitled Goose Game, and his belligerent honking at poor, helpless villagers. The goose showed up everywhere in 2019, from Resident Evil 2 mods to Dungeons & Dragons. There’s still plenty of magic to be mined from the original game, however, as one TikTok genius cleverly showed.

Trevstopher posted the minute-long video, which shows him honking at a terrified child. Then, he goes ahead and remaps the honk key to his mouse wheel. With a little work, he’s getting thousands of honks per minute out of that goose, which is pretty impressive on a technical level.

The end result is kind of hypnotic; I’ve watched it on a loop about two dozen times, entranced by the spinning mouse wheel and the growing influence the goose exerts on its surroundings.

While part of the appeal of Untitled Goose Games is in solving simple puzzles and enjoying a cozy atmosphere, most of the game’s joy comes from being a horrible bully of a goose, so this TikTok really cuts right to the chase. Developer House House added a local co-op mode in Sept. 2020, which included a second goose with their own unique honk.

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