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Avengers game finally lets you play as four Hulks or four Iron Mans

Double, triple, or quadruple up over the next two weeks

Crystal Dynamics is getting rid of one of Marvel’s Avengers’ multiplayer roadblocks by allowing for duplicate heroes — for the next 12 days, at least. During the game’s Tachyon Anomaly event, players can play any combination of heroes they want, like forming a team of four Hulks. The Tachyon Anomaly Event runs from April 22 to May 3.

This event doesn’t add any new content to Marvel’s Avengers, but it does restructure the activities that players can try. Tachyron Rift missions, which are normally only for endgame players, will have lower level requirements during the event. Players can also dive into a weekly chain that awards Hivemind set gear, as well as daily missions that reward Priority gear. Players who complete the weekly chain on any hero will get a special nameplate for their account.

Allowing players to combine heroes certainly sounds like a chaotic time for the Avengers. But the matchmaking is random, so players can’t specifically search for groups that consist entirely of their same hero. And while this is only a limited-time event, it certainly suggests that we could see duplicate heroes become a permanent feature for Marvel’s Avengers, especially with the game’s dwindling player numbers between updates.

The Tachyon Anomaly is only the first major event for Marvel’s Avengers prior to the War for Wakanda expansion coming this fall.

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