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RuneScape is coming to mobile, along with PC cross-save

The MMORPG is coming to Android and iOS

RuneScape Mobile - a player stands on the shore of a village, fishing. Image: Jagex

RuneScape is making its way to mobile devices, where players will be able to pick up the MMORPG on the go. RuneScape is now available for pre-registration on both iOS and Android, and doing so unlocks some extra rewards for fans.

Bringing RuneScape to mobile is quite a feat, especially because it has full cross-save functionality set up. Players can switch from their Windows PC instance of RuneScape to loading it up on a smartphone, while keeping their progress between platforms. The game has been cleaned up and optimized for mobile, with a new UI for the small screen. Menus, icons, text, textures, and controls have all been tinkered with to allow for better play and smoother combat on mobile.

Old School RuneScape is already available on mobile, with over 8 million installs. Now that pre-registrations are open for the mobile version of RuneScape, developer Jagex is running a promotion where players unlock a series of exclusive rewards with the number of pre-registrations. There are five tiers of rewards, including a hairstyle, teleport device, pet, and sword and armor. The top-tier prize offers the rare Crux Egal armor, as well as a 50% XP boost across a period of seven days.

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