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Valorant Act 3 will include a sunny new map called Breeze

The new map is all about huge open spaces

A birds-eye view of Breeze the new Valorant map for Episode 2 Act 3 Image: Riot Games
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Valorant’s new Act is almost here, and while new content seasons are always cause for celebration, this one includes something very special: a new map. The game’s latest map will be called Breeze, and it’s set on a sunny beach in the Bermuda Triangle.

According to Riot, Valorant’s Episode 2 Act 3 map is designed to bring a few new things to the game that no other map has focused on so far. The biggest emphasis of Breeze is on long sight-lines. This means that Breeze should feature more long-range shootouts than other maps. Breeze will also include several wide-open spaces throughout the map, something that’s rare in Valorant’s map pool, which often features tight corridors. This should make for a unique kind of map, one that Riot hopes will highlight different kinds of guns and Agents.

A bomb site from Valorant’s Breeze map Image: Riot Games

Of course, Breeze isn’t the only thing that Riot is adding to Valorant in the new Act. The game is also getting a new battle pass, which includes several new player cards, gun buddies, sprays, and even weapon skins for players to earn by playing the game. All players can get access to the pass’ free items, or you can unlock the full battle pass for 1,000 Valorant Points, or $9.99.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 will start April 27, when both the new battle pass and Breeze will go live in the game.

Update (April 27): Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 is out now and Breeze has been added to the game. The map even has its own special unrated queue to make sure players have a chance to check it out. You can find the full patch notes for the Act 3 update on Valorant’s website.