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Pixar’s Luca trailer dives into a summer sea monster adventure

The film tells the story of two best friends ... who happen to be sea monsters

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and if you’re a young sea monster living off the Italian coast in a Pixar movie, it’s the perfect time to hop ashore with your best friend.

Hot off the studio’s Oscar win for Soul comes a new trailer for Luca. The film follows two young sea monsters are they explore an idyllic seaside town, venturing into the human world for the very first time. The trailer reveals more of the town of Portorosso — and more of the conflict that shy Luca and his bold friend Alberto face on land. It’s hard to be a sea monster in disguise, especially when it seems like the humans just want to hunt you and your family. Ah, interspecies misunderstandings!

Jacob Tremblay (Room) stars as Luca, with Jack Dylan Grazer (Shazam! and It) playing Alberto, and Emma Berman (Abby Hatcher) as Giulia, the young girl the boys meet on land.

From director Enrico Casarosa (La Luna), Luca will premiere on Disney Plus on June 18 for no additional cost.

Check out the new poster:

the poster for luca, revealing a boy standing at the center. his feet are in water and they are scaly and sea monster-like, next to him is a smiling boy with the same sea monster bottom, and a girl on land Image: Pixar

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