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Pajama parties come to PUBG in patch 11.2

The update also reworks Erangel’s deadly bridge

Several PUBG players posing in Pajamas from the update 11.2 battle pass Image: PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s latest Survivor Pass has all the pajamas you need for a slumber party. The new pass is part of the game’s 11.2 update, which was released on Wednesday. Aside from sleek sleepwear, the patch also brings some major changes to Erangel’s Military Island Bridges, one of the map’s most dangerous areas.

The new Pajama Party Survivor Pass includes over 30 rewards, mostly themed around pajamas. This Survivor Pass marks a change in the way PUBG has traditionally done its battle pass-style seasonal cosmetics. In the past, the passes were linked to season both by time and by theme.

This time around, the pass isn’t directly connected with the game’s seasons. This means PUBG can let the pass last as long as it wants, while also freeing the studio up to experiment with weirder themes — pajamas, for instance. The Survivor Pass: Pajama Party will run until 10 p.m. EDT, June 8.

The biggest gameplay change in update 11.2 reworks the two massive bridges that connect the main island of Erangel to the Military Base island in the south. These bridges are the only land-based connection between, which frequently makes them one of the map’s most dangerous spots.

The updated version of PUBG’s Erangel bridges Image: PUBG

After the update, the bridges now have catwalks that run underneath them, as well walkways along the side of the bridge. This should allow players a slightly more safe way to travel, and another way to ambush players that are already camping on the bridge.

For a look at all of the many changes coming to PUBG in patch 11.2 you can check out the game’s official patch notes. The patch is available now for PC players and will be available on consoles on May 6.

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