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Apex Legends trailer demonstrates all of Valkyrie’s high-flying abilities

Valkyrie brings jetpacks and missiles to the Apex Games

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

Apex Legends’ new season is almost here, and since Respawn showed off the new Arenas mode earlier this week, now it’s Valkyrie’s turn in the spotlight. On Thursday, Respawn released a new trailer that shows off Valkyrie and her kit.

Valkyrie’s passive ability is her signature jetpack. The jetpack gives her the ability — unique among Legends — to fly high above the Apex Legends battlefield, but it does have some limitations. For one thing, it has a limited amount of fuel, and Valkyrie will have to return to the ground to recharge. On top of that, she can’t fire while she’s flying, but she can use her weapon if she disables the jetpack — in other words, she can shoot only while falling. The jetpack itself is also loud and flashy, making her a perfect target while she’s flying through the air.

Valkyrie has a second passive ability, Recon, that allows her to use survey beacons to mark the location of the next circle on the map.

Valkyrie’s Tactical ability is called Missile Swarm, and it allows her to launch 12 missiles at a targeted location. The missiles fall in a 4x3 grid, and they damage and stun enemies. Missile Swarm can also be used while Valkyrie is flying with her jetpack, giving her the ability to aim it at areas she might not be able to see from the ground.

Her Ultimate ability is called Skyward Dive. With this ability, Valkyrie uses her jetpack to create some massive mobility options for her team. After a short activation time, Valkyrie can fly herself — and any allies that choose to hook on during the activation — high into the air so they can skydive back to the ground. This lets Valkyrie reposition her entire squad, either to get out of Dodge quickly, or for an offensive play if they’re feeling daring.

Valkyrie is set to arrive along with the new Arenas mode as part of Apex Legends’ Legacy update on May 4.