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Miitopia players are making incredible things with the character creator

Someone made a $19 Fortnite card with it

a Mii character in Miitopia, except there’s a Fortnite gift card on its face Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Lucbomber/Twitter

The Nintendo Switch remaster of Miitopia won’t be released until May 21. But that hasn’t stopped fans from enjoying the demo that arrived earlier this week. While demos don’t typically make a big splash, this one has prompted dozens of social media posts showing off the cool characters people can make using the game’s Mii editor.

It’s been a while since Nintendo has revisited its old mascot, the Mii, from the Wii era — Nintendo released Miitopia stateside on the Nintendo 3DS in 2017 — but the new Miitopia brings the little characters back in a big way. The makeup options allow players to customize their Mii in incredible detail. Each category, like eye shadow or blush, features dozens of options, and all the new options have given people the tools to build striking characters.

People have been showing off their creations online. Miis range from Pokémon to well-known characters like Steve from Minecraft. One person, who goes by Lucbomber on Twitter (and provided the lead image for this article), made an actual Fortnite V-bucks gift card plastered onto the face of a Mii.

Lucbomber told Polygon over Twitter that he made the card by using all the makeup in the “other” category of the game, which allows players to put objects like butterflies and stars on their Mii’s face. From there, he just “builds and adjusts more shapes into the card.”

This depiction of Wooper is fashioned so it looks like it’s on the screen of a Game Boy Color:

Of course, people have taken to building characters as well. Here’s Steve from Minecraft, and Mr. Clean, complete with his gold hoop earring.

Here are some other fun Miis that Polygon rounded up for your viewing pleasure:

Miitopia is scheduled to come out May 21 on Switch, and will cost $49.99.

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