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The Vault of Glass comes to Destiny 2 on May 22

Bungie also detailed some upcoming balance changes for Destiny 2’s next season

Destiny - Vault of Glass entrance Image: Bungie
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Destiny’s original raid, the Vault of Glass, makes a return engagement in Destiny 2 on May 22 at 1 p.m. EDT, Bungie announced in its weekly blog. This is the first original Destiny raid to make it into the sequel as part of Bungie’s new Destiny Content Vault system. As assistant game director Joe Blackburn told Polygon earlier this year, Vault of Glass should still be what players remember, just spruced up for the modern age.

Like all of Bungie’s modern raids, the studio will put on a World First raid competition, meant to celebrate players who can beat Vault of Glass on Contest mode — a version of the raid that artificially lowers player’s gear levels, making combat much harder. Players who beat Vault of Glass on Contest (only available for the first 24 hours) will get a special bonus.

But since players already know how Vault of Glass works, they’ll need to beat the raid on Contest mode and then on Challenge Mode, a new kind of raid difficulty. In Challenge Mode, Guardians will need to complete special challenges inside each raid encounter. If players fail a challenge condition, their team will instantly wipe and they’ll need to start over. Teams who want the Tempo’s Edge limited time Triumph will need to master Vault of Glass on its first day.

The first team to beat the resurrected Vault of Glass twice, including the Challenge Mode, will get a custom raid title belt — yes, like in wrestling. Since this is the second Vault of Glass raid race and therefore the second title belt, this belt will feature silver instead of gold. The second belt will also feature the name of the original clan to complete Vault of Glass back in 2014, Primeguard.

Vault of Glass 2021 raid belt
The Vault of Glass’ second raid title belt
Image: Bungie

Finally, Bungie revealed that the Vault of Glass will still be on Venus, the raid’s original planet from the original Destiny. Venus is currently not a planet players can explore in Destiny 2, so fans wondered if the Vault of Glass may appear in a new area or if it wouldn’t include original encounter opening the raid. While players will still battle through the opening area of Venus, Guardians won’t be able to explore the planet outside of the Vault of Glass area.

Bungie also revealed some balance changes coming to Destiny 2 next season — the name of which is still a mystery, though leaks suggest it could be called “Season of the Splicer.” The studio will improve precision auto rifles by adding a touch more damage to each bullet. But the big buffs come in the shape of linear fusion rifle improvements. Bungie will increase linear fusion rifle crit damage by 15% and give them 20% more ammo reserves.

Linear fusion rifles are currently very unpopular in Destiny, and Bungie lays out why it thinks that is in its blog post. Interestingly, the studio acknowledged that many fans would like to see linear fusion rifles move out of the heavy ammo slot and into the special ammo slot, alongside sniper rifles. Bungie is hoping that this round of buffs will do the trick with linear fusion rifles, but the developers say it’s possible the sniper-like weapon type could make its way into the secondary slot at some point.

Finally, Bungie went over changes to several perks that previously offered negative tradeoffs, like Subsistence. Bungie previously announced perk changes several weeks ago when it revealed improvements for Celerity and Bottomless Grief.

For a complete list of pre-patch notes, check out the This Week at Bungie blog post. Bungie will likely offer more detailed patch notes, and a full reveal of Destiny 2’s 14th season, before it launches on May 11.

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