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Watch Dogs: Legion’s next big update adds free and premium content

Title Update 4.0 available Tuesday, adds new missions to online mode, new operatives to campaign

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Watch Dogs: Legion gets a large title update on Tuesday, delivering both free and premium content that expands players’ gameplay and customization options inside the open-world adventure.

The free content in Title Update 4.0 adds two new operative types to recruit — a DJ and a First Responder — and five new special abilities for them (and other operatives recruited in-world). Players may also customize their operatives’ hair and tattoos with the update.

Title Update 4.0 also adds a bundle of new missions that are free to all players in Watch Dogs: Legion Online, the multiplayer mode that launched at the beginning of March. Online players get three new multi-part co-operative missions to play with others, and five new solo assignments to tackle on their own. They also get two new gadgets to use on co-operative missions.

The premium content comes with the game’s $39.99 Season Pass, which was also included in special editions beginning with the $99.99 Gold edition.

Season Pass holders get a new playable hero — Mina Sidhu, who has a mind-control device (really) and a mental blast (yep, that too) that disrupts enemies. There’s also a new single-player story mission called “Swipe Right” in which DedSec must take down people who are conspiring to sell off Egyptian antiquities and give the money to terrorists.

Ubisoft Toronto also gave a preview of what Watch Dogs: Legion players can expect in the coming months, for both free and premium content.

Free content coming at the end of May brings two new PvP modes to Watch Dogs: Legion Online, as well as a new Tactical Op (a raid, basically) called Project Omni. Ubisoft Toronto says that in Project Omni, teams of four players must unravel a mystery and discover “why Londoners’ Optik devices are negatively affecting their brains.”

Season Pass owners in Late June will see the expected return of characters Aiden Pearce (from the first Watch Dogs) and Wrench (Watch Dogs 2) as fully playable characters, both in the campaign and in Watch Dogs: Legion Online. In August, they’ll be joined by Darcy, who is a modern-day (but non-canonical) member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins, from the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

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