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New Pokémon Snap’s lifeless Wurmple is an absolute mood

Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows

A Wurmple in Pokémon Snap, mid roll animation. Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Wurmple is one of the earliest critters you can capture in New Pokémon Snap, though it takes some serious work to see it do anything special on that opening level. I’d know; I spent hours trying to figure out when and where, exactly, the bug-type monster appears lying on the ground, blank eyes staring straight into the sky.

This peculiar image has become a meme template on social media, where fans often Photoshop the poor Wurmple into sad situations. The funny thing is, the actual origin of the screenshot is completely jovial. When you get to research level 3 on Florio Nature Park, there’s a set of Wurmple that appear at the bend right after the flopping Magikarp. If you set your camera on them, rather than looking forward, there’s a small chance one of the Wurmple will roll around. The screengrab shows Wurmple mid-roll, thereby changing the tone of the scenario.

Based on my experience, the animation doesn’t happen every time. Sometimes, the Wurmple completely disappear from the area, other times, they do their typical “stand and chirp” animation. But, if you’re lucky, you get to see something else.

Here are some of the best jokes showing Wurmple having an existential crisis.

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