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Is Rambo coming to Call of Duty: Warzone?

Whoever Activision’s teasing, it’s not Tango and/or Cash

utterly ridiculous screenshot of the 1986 UHF afternoon cartoon “Rambo: The Force of Freedom” by Ruby-Spears Enterprises
Army Special Forces soldier John Rambo, seen here in 1986.
Image: Ruby-Spears Enterprises

Call of Duty’s social media account is none-too-subtly suggesting that Rambo is your next special guest star in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Let’s break down the clues, offered in a tweet yesterday:

  • 5 games played: There were five Rambo movies, starting with 1982’s sorely underrated First Blood, and ending with 2019’s wheezing trip to the VA, Rambo: Last Blood.
  • 5 wins/0 deaths: Duh.
  • 7 hours played: The combined running time of all five Rambo flicks is 470 minutes, or 7.8 hours.
  • 552 kills: The factual number of confirmed on-screen deaths caused by John Rambo in all five movies. Yes, someone has counted this, by the following rules, too:

Rambo must be the one who causes the death.

The death must be confirmed with video evidence.

Rambo must cause certain death, not just serious injury.

The death must occur in the movies, kills from video games or comics are not included.

Fun facts: First Blood had only one confirmed kill: Deputy Sgt. Art Galt of Ligget County, Washington. Rambo (2008) had 254 kills, more than double the 115 Sly Stallone killed in 1988’s Rambo 3.

In case you weren’t totally sure Rambo is “SurvivorJohn#1009062” (and we couldn’t find the significance of that date), CharlieIntel points out that the Call of Duty account follows 15 people, all of them with the last name of Trautman. RIP those folks’ mentions! Col. Sam Trautman, of course, was the three-time (!) Medal of Honor winner and father figure to Rambo, memorably portrayed by a flinty Richard Crenna in the first three movies.

Whenever Rambo shows up, he’ll be the first out-of-universe crossover for Call of Duty’s free-to-play battle royale, which debuted in March 2020. Rambo would be an apropos choice for the game, which is currently touring the Reagan ’80s world of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, at the height of Rambo’s ultra-classified antics.

Rambo’s most recent video game appearance was in Mortal Kombat 11, courtesy of the premium Kombat Pack 2. Stallone himself voiced the character.

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