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Stranger Things season 4 teaser promises an even more retro ghost story

The Netflix show, off the air since 2019, returns in 2022

Stranger Things season 4 just got another cryptic teaser. For the first time in the series, Stranger Things is moving way beyond Hawkins as the trailer gives us glimpses of a new American small town and a Soviet-run prison in the arctic, but the new clip, dropped during Netflix’s Tudum event, kept it local — and teased a release date for next year.

[Ed. note: Spoilers ahead for the end of Stranger Things season 3.]

Previous teasers hinted at the world growing beyond Hawkins, Indiana, and confirmed one big theory regarding Officer Jim Hopper (David Harbour). The new clip gives us a glimpse of what’s happened to the rest of the cast back in Hawkins since the end of the third season. More specifically, the teaser showed off the Creel house, a terrifying haunted house that the Hawkins gang have to investigate during the season. Like any good haunted house it seems that this one has a dark past and a very creepy clock.

The third season of Stranger Things ended with Hopper sacrificing himself by walking into the Upside Down, but a post-credit tease set in Soviet Russia hinted that he was still alive, just in enemy hands. The first footage of the upcoming season — released all the way back in February 2020 — confirmed that he survived, though he’s probably not in particularly good condition.

Stranger Things season 4 is set to premiere in 2022.