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Oh, good, Mass Effect Legendary Edition still supports the Mako’s old, horrible controls

There’s an option to go back to the old handling, if you like to suffer

The Mako and some background scenery in Mass Effect Legendary Edition Image: BioWare/Electronic Arts

The Mako’s shitty handling was enough to put Polygon’s Nicole Carpenter off Mass Effect — forever, all games in the series, full stop. But for those masochists who prefer it, or simply want to experience the remastered games with the Mako’s potato-quality power steering, BioWare will let you have at it.

PC Gamer reports that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have an option to drive the Mako with its original, floaty controls, which were akin to steering an aircraft carrier with a polite suggestion or two. Lots of planning ahead was necessary, in other words.

Apparently, the Mass Effect community has a love/hate relationship with the terrestrial exploration vehicle, instead of the hate/hate that most people profess. A developer’s blog published last month said the new controls give the Mako a heavier feel, with more traction, and new speed boost thrusters to complement the jump-jet thrusters.

New cameras will help players aim better in close-up, low-angle situations, too. The Mako’s shields recharge better and, importantly, touching hot lava no longer fails you out of the mission. It just deals damage over time.

“I don’t want to thrash my keyboard and mouse after every encounter with the thresher maw or trying to climb a mountain,” environment director Kevin Meek told PC Gamer.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches May 14, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Other changes include cutting or modifying camera angles that seemed inappropriately fixated on Miranda’s rear end.

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