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Resident Evil Village mod turns Chris Redfield into Ethan’s baby

Chris is just a little sleepy baby in ‘Mini Me’ mod

Chris Redfield as a baby being held by Mia Winters in Resident Evil Village Image: Capcom via JTegh on Nexusmods
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The opening minutes (and, well, the following 12 hours) of Resident Evil Village are a traumatic experience for protagonist Ethan Winters, as the seemingly friendly Chris Redfield attacks the Winters household and kidnaps young Rose Winters. But what if those opening moments were hilarious, because the baby being stolen was a tiny Chris Redfield? That’s the inspiration behind a new mod for the Windows PC version of Resident Evil Village, in which Chris’ rather wide head is applied to digital baby Rose.

And that’s all there is to say about this particular mod. The images pretty much tell the whole story. Its creator, JTeghius Kittius, explained on Nexusmods that, “This was a dumb joke that popped into my head so I had to do this.”

Here’s a sneak preview of Chris kidnapping himself:

A screenshot of Chris Redfield kidnapping baby Chris from a Resident Evil Village mod Image: Capcom via JTegh on Nexusmods

According to JTegh, the “Mini Me Chris” mod takes full advantage of Rose’s existing facial animations, so lil’ Chris will coo and cry, though “some aspects may look a little weird.”

The modder’s other creations are similarly inspired. One lets you put YoRHa dresses (from Nier: Automata) on Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, while another alters the picture frame filters in photo mode to add Frank West selfie faces from Dead Rising 4.

A photo of The Duke from Resident Evil Village with a Frank West selfie face added Image: Capcom via JTegh on Nexusmods

Update (May 11): Modder JTegh has completed the other half of her dumb joke, applying baby Rose’s head to Chris Redfield’s model. It’s glorious and is now available to download from Nexusmods.

Chris Redfield with baby Rose’s head in Resident Evil Village Image: Capcom via JTegh on Nexusmods