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Love, Death & Robots teaser jams in all the red band content possible

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How many fucks can Netflix give?

If you watched the first season of Love, Death & Robots, Netflix’s adult animated anthology, and thought to yourself, well, gee, that was so edgy and messed up, what could a second season possible do to top that?, worry no more.

A new red-band teaser for the second season packs in all the sex, violence, and F-bombs it can in just under a minute. It starts off strong with a seduction scene, but just before the lady involved is about to take off her top (there were a lot of bare tiddies in Love, Death & Robots season one), the teaser flashes a seemingly dead body and a violent gunshot. From there on, it’s blood and guts and a gratuitous amount of fucks, because, why not?

We get some mixed messaging, though, because while the video itself says “Consume responsibly,” the description on YouTube says “Consume irresponsibly.” What is the truth?! Is there a way to consume both responsibly and irresponsibly?

From Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (Mank), the second season of Love, Death & Robots hits Netflix on May 14.