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DC’s Beast Boy hits Fortnite, teams up with new squeeze Raven

Primal Season 6 crosses over with Teen Titans’ graphic novel romance

promotional image showing DC Comics’ Beast Boy, alongside his gorilla form, in Fortnite Image: Epic Games
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The Teen Titans’ Beast Boy stomps into Fortnite this week, with a premium skin and other bling to complement the game’s “Primal”-themed season 6. He’s the second character from DC’s post-pubescent ensemble to hit the battle royale, joining Raven, whose costume debuted in the game in mid-April.

Starting Thursday, May 13, players can find Beast Boy in the Fortnite Item Shop as a premium outfit, a gorilla emote, a Bonk Bat pickaxe, and Back Bling, which is a sloppy cheese pizza strapped to a phatty gamepad that looks kinda like The Duke.

promotional image showing Beast Boy’s Fortnite Back Bling, two costumes, a “bonk bat” pickaxe, and his ape form Image: Epic Games

If you want to unlock that stuff early, there’s a Duos tournament on May 12 celebrating the newfound romance between Beast Boy and Raven — which is the subject of a graphic novel titled Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven that hits shelves June 15. Players who participate will get a Beast Boy and Raven Spray, and those who score at least eight points will get a loading screen illustrated by Gabriel Picolo, the artist of the graphic novel. Here’s the screen:

comic-book illustrated image showing Beast Boy and Raven holding hands in a picturesque natural setting, alongside a wolf, wild boar, and a duck. Image: Epic Games

The Teen Titans Cup allows players to compete in up to 10 matches during a three-hour window (specific to their time zone). Details can be found under the Compete tab in-game. To participate, players need to be level 30 or above and have two-factor authentication enabled on their Epic Games account.

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