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In Netflix’s new Lupin Part 2 trailer, the thief is on the run from everyone

Thankfully, France’s new favorite thief still finds time for amazing clothes

Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

France’s new favorite thief is back in a new trailer for Netflix’s Lupin. The trailer is for Lupin Part 2, which will continue the action of the show’s first season when it debuts on June 11.

The new trailer picks up right where things left off for Lupin’s hero, the gentleman thief Assane Diop — who styles himself after the legendary French thief the series is named after. While attempting to reveal the criminal past of Hubert Pellegrini, Assane has put the life of his son in danger, and Hubert’s goons have kidnapped him. But while Assane has to attempt to outsmart Hubert and retrieve his son, it seems the police are after Assane as well, based on the fact that the trailer calls him the most wanted man in France.

Of course, since this is Lupin, everything about Assane’s dangerous games is handled with incredible style and outstanding costumes. In fact, the entire trailer leads up to the reveal that Hubert will be hosting a massive event in hopes of drawing Assane into the pageantry.

Lupin Part 1 premiered earlier this year on Netflix and ran for five episodes. The show’s second part will be released all at once on the streaming service on June 11, and is set to contain five episodes as well.