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Apex Legends’ two most overpowered weapons are getting nerfed

The Spitfire and the Bocek bow should both be weaker soon

Valkyrie from Apex Legends sliding while firing a sniper rifle Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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The Apex Legends: Legacy update and new Arenas mode have been out for a little over a week, and Respawn has decided that it’s time for a balance update. The new patch, which is being released in two update waves on Tuesday, should take care of a few of the game’s outstanding bugs while also nerfing the most overpowered weapons at the moment, the Spitfire and the Bocek.

Both the Spitfire light machine gun and the Bocek bow have proven to be early outliers so far this season. The weapons are incredibly powerful and have become the go-to guns for most players — as long as you’re confident in hitting your arrows, of course.

To help bring them in line, Respawn is reducing the Spitfire’s bullet damage from 19 to 18, and reducing the number of rounds the Purple and Gold extended magazines can hold by five. As for the Bocek, it’s getting a few more changes. The max body-shot damage is being reduced from 70 to 60, the charge-up time is getting a very small increase, Deadeye’s Tempo will take longer to charge, and the amount of ammo you can pick up and carry is being reduced.

While it’s always hard to say what the effects of nerfs will be until they’ve been in the game for a little while, these are some pretty sweeping changes, so it’s clear that Respawn thinks these weapons have been way too dominant.

As for other changes in this round of updates, Respawn is fixing several bugs with Arenas matches, including games not ending when an entire enemy team quit. The Apex Legends developer is also addressing a few issues with the stats page, fixing a few errant Valkyrie bugs, and making some general improvements to the game’s stability.

For a full look at all of the patch notes, you can check out Respawn’s official notes on Twitter, or the Apex Legends: Legacy update page, which should be updated later today.