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In The Forever Purge trailer, the Purge never ends in Texas

The horror franchise sets its sights on immigration and lost causes

The Purge movies are one of the most compelling horror series running right now, a collection of movies that somehow spun a small home invasion thriller into a sprawling satire about American economic inequality, among other things. That satire expands its reach even further in the the trailer for the fifth and latest film, The Forever Purge, which sets its sight on immigration, and a gang of domestic terrorists who just can’t give up a lost cause. (These movies are not subtle. )

Following the prequel story The First Purge, The Forever Purge is about a growing underground movement of armed militias who have decided that Purge night — 12 hours where all crime is legal — is not enough, and want to continue their murderous revelry forever.

Caught in this group’s path is Adela (Ana de la Reguera) and Juan (Tenoch Huerta), a married couple living in Texas where Juan works as a ranch hand for the wealthy Tucker family. When the militia attacks the Tuckers, the family must band together with Juan and Adela in attempt to escape to the only safe harbor: Mexico.

It’s all there: biting social commentary, creepy masks, and depraved action that escalates to the brink of societal collapse. The Purge is back, baby.

The Forever Purge premieres July 4.

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