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Peacock’s Da Vinci Code prequel series gets first action-packed trailer

Robert Langdon is back, except this time he’s young(er) and hot(ter)

For all you Robert Langdon stans out there waiting for your next fix of the Harvard professor turned dashing action hero, you’re in luck. The Da Vinci Code hero of Dan Brown’s novels is back in the first teaser for a Peacock prequel series. Except, this time he’s not played by Tom Hanks, but instead by Ashley Zukerman (Succession). It’s been a hot second since the last Robert Langdon book got turned into a movie, which was 2016’s Inferno (based on the 2013 book of the same name).

The show is based on the third book of the Robert Langdon series, though it turns the story into a prequel. The book follows Langdon trekking through Washington D.C. and uncovering secrets about the freemasons. It looks like the show will do a similar thing, except he’s younger and hotter now, because, why not! Brown does spend an awful lot of time in each Robert Langdon book reminding his readers about how fit and handsome the symbologist is.

The first Robert Langdon novel, Angels & Demons, was published in 2000, but it was 2003’s The Da Vinci Code and the movie of the same name that really catapulted the series to fame.

Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol will stream soon on Peacock.

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