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The Sims fans finally got bunk beds — now they’re getting even better

Hello, college dorm setup

Two children sitting on a bunk bed in The Sims 4. One is climbing the ladder and the other is sitting on the bottom bunk with a tablet Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts
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The Sims 4 players have been campaigning for a full seven years for developer Maxis to add bunk beds to the game. Players finally got them in March, and it was a major moment for the community. Now, Maxis is taking bunk beds to the next level.

Bunk beds were one of the game’s most requested features, because they’re useful in plenty of situations: College dorms! Children’s bedrooms! Tiny homes! Fitting as many sims as possible into one lot! (Where else are you going to put all the babies from the 100-baby Challenge?)

The bunkbed that was added in March was a standard set: Two beds stacked on top of another, with the option of taking the bottom bunk away to make a loft bed. But things couldn’t go under the loft bed, unless players used a cheat, which made things look nice, but still isn’t functional. Now, Maxis is improving the original item to add more customization. It outlined these upcoming changes in a livestream on Twitch Tuesday.

This is a very exciting moment for anyone — me — who has a college dorm room setup in their current The Sims 4 save. I cannot tell you how devastating it’s been to leave out the quintessential lofted bed with a desk underneath, a staple for any dorm room in the United States. But it’s not only desks that can go under lofted beds! You can put dressers, chairs, couches, and desks — and they’re all functional. You can also configure any of these things, including beds, by turning the items to make them perpendicular to the top bunk.

Want to put a double bed under your top bunk? That’s a thing you’ll be able to do, too.

Three adults sharing a triple bunk bed
Three adults sharing a triple bunk bed
Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts

All this new bunk bed functionality is coming in a free update for The Sims 4, but Maxis hasn’t said exactly when.

So what’s next for Simmers to wish for once bunk beds are improved upon? In 2019, Maxis added customizable stairs — but The Sims 4 still doesn’t have a true option for a dramatic, spiral staircase. Judging by the sheer number of makeshift spiral staircase tutorials for The Sims 4 on YouTube, I’d say that’s another one of the more desirable items for the game.

The next level of puzzles.

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