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House of Ashes’ new trailer is a sneak peek at the game’s scares

The next Dark Pictures Anthology game is getting closer

House of Ashes - a person, holding a torch- wades through deep water as they approach a giant, sinister stone statue Image: Supermassive Games/Bandai Namco Entertainment
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Supermassive Games is getting ready to unveil the next game in the Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes. A new teaser trailer gives us a hint of the story, showing soldiers being stalked by some kind of mysterious creature. We also get to see what appears to be the monster’s point of view, which has a cool visual effect that feels very inhuman.

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of horror games, each of which are self-contained and only last a few hours. The first game, Man of Medan, took place on the abandoned Ourang Medan ghost ship. The second game, Little Hope, is a Salem witch trial story set in small town America.

House of Ashes looks to be inspired by Sumerian myth, and takes place in modern-day Iraq. Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical plays a major role in the game. We’ll see more about House of Ashes in an upcoming gameplay teaser on May 27.