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The Sims 4 gets a new job: interior decorator

Part of Maxis’ Summer of Sims roadmap

Nicole Carpenter is a senior reporter specializing in investigative features about labor issues in the game industry, as well as the business and culture of games.

Every home improvement reality show has the big reveal — the moment where the designer finally gets to show the client their hard work. It almost always ends in tears, both happy tears and horrified tears. Thankfully, you’ll soon be able to recreate this iconic moment in The Sims 4, playing as an official home designer.

Sims publisher Electronic Arts announced a new Game Pack on Thursday: Dream Home Decorator. Developer Maxis revealed the Game Pack on YouTube, following a string of social media teasers that suggested that a new creative career path was coming. Players had started speculating that the Game Pack could be related to an interior design career — and they were right.

The Dream Home Decorator Game Pack will be released on June 1 for $19.99. It leans in to one of the most fun parts of The Sims: designing and creating homes. Some people — like me — spend most of our time creating our own versions of Fixer Upper, renovating and decorating homes. Now, The Sims 4 players can officially have the job title for their sims.

The trailer, released on Thursday, shows how the Game Pack works: Players will get prompts from interior design clients, and will have to redesign spaces according to the client’s likes, dislikes, budget, and needs. Sometimes it’ll be a single room renovation. Other times it might be “redoing an entire lot or refurbishing commercial spaces,” Maxis said in a news release.

With the Game Pack, Maxis is adding new furniture and home stuff to the game — like sectional sofas, modular shelving, and built-in stovetops and ovens. (This is also, likely, the Game Pack that will add the base game update to improve the highly-sought-after bunk beds. You can see them on display in the trailer.)

As with any real home design show, The Sims 4’s Dream Home Decorator pack will also let players do a big reveal on the renovation, complete with before-and-after comparisons (and sometimes crying).

The Sims 4 players have a wealth of content coming over the summer season. On Monday, Maxis revealed a “Summer of Sims” roadmap that outlined a bunch of new content coming — including a new backyard oasis kit, a “virtual block party” for Pride, three base game updates, and a new expansion pack for nature lovers. In the teaser image, Maxis also describes a “Sims event of the summer,” where players can “rock out.”

These updates and packs will be released over the summer, from May to July, the developer said. Some of the updated have already been announced, like the Courtyard Oasis kit.

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