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D&D’s Drizzt is coming to Magic: The Gathering, these are the first preview cards

R. A. Salvatore’s drow hero steps out into the original collectible card game

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New key art showing Bruenor, Wulfgar, Drizzt, and Catti together on horseback. Image: Wizards of the Coast
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Wizards of the Coast has revealed more preview cards for Magic: The Gathering Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a crossover set of that will bring the Dungeons & Dragons universe into the collectible card game for the first time. This new reveal includes three characters from R. A. Salvatore’s The Icewind Dale Trilogy — Drizzt Do’Urden, Bruenor Battlehammer, and Lolth the Spider Queen. The reveal was made Thursday during a YouTube livestream.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is among the most wide-ranging card sets ever produced for Magic, and will feature lots of high-end products such as set boosters and collector boosters. There are also four new Commander decks on the way, titled Aura of Courage, Dungeons of Death, Draconic Rage, and Planar Portal. The set arrives first in digital formats — including Magic: The Gathering Arena — on June 8, with a physical release to follow. Additional preview cards were shown in early May.

The first new card revealed Thursday was Lolth, the spider queen. She will be featured in a standard and a borderless frame, and is being included in the new set as a legendary planeswalker.

Dwarf Bruenor Battlehammer will also be included in this set as a legendary creature. Art for the standard card is being handled by Wayne Reynolds, whose work appeared across dozens of 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons books over the years. A showcase version features line art, inspired by classic D&D books from even earlier editions.

Of course, drow Drizzt Do’Urden will also make an appearance in both a standard and a showcase frame. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will likewise include him as a legendary creature. Note that when his card is played a 4/1 green token representing his familiar, Guenhwyvar, also comes into play. A special token will be available to represent them on the table.

Fans of Salvatore will know these characters well. Their exploits began in the late 1980s with The Crystal Shard, then culminated with Streams of Silver and New York Times bestseller The Halfling’s Gem. A new book is also on the way, titled Starlight Enclave, the first book in The Way of the Drow series. Drizzt himself has appeared in more than 30 novels and several video games since that time. He’ll feature prominently in the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, a reboot of the classic cooperative brawler bound for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on June 22. The game will be included as part of the Xbox Game Pass at launch.

The reveal of these new preview cards was part of a livestream event hosted by Wizards of the Coast on Thursday, and kicks off what the publisher is calling “the summer-long celebration of all things Drizzt.”

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