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Resident Evil Village’s Lady D is right at home in this Bloodborne mod

Two video game bosses face off

Resident Evil Village walkthrough part 4: Find Dimitrescu’s Chambers Image: Capcom via Polygon

Come one, come all — Garden of Eyes, a prolific Bloodborne modder and content creator, has added Lady Dimitrescu to the game. Lady Dimitrescu, of course, is the big vampire lady from Resident Evil Village, who everyone on the internet is currently enamored with. This mod allows her to face off against Lady Maria of the Clocktower in a best of three combat.

This isn’t a 100% recreation of Lady Alcina Dimitrescu in her full 9’6” glory — she’s been shrunk down a little to be more of a normal lady size — but she keeps her long menacing claws. She also does a transformation, although she takes the form of Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.

The two women participate in a best of three battle, with Lady Dimitrescu taking home the win in the end. It’s very cool to see Capcom’s vampire lady take on a life of her own outside of Village. Fans love her, and they’re happy to mod her into games, write fanfiction about her day to day domestic life, and watch her brawl a hunter in Bloodborne.

Garden of Eyes runs a series called Boss vs. Boss, which pits various monsters and tragic figures from the Souls games against one another. It’s great to see a guest fighter show up on the circuit, and I’m very happy she won her debut match.

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