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Bungie to disable everyone’s favorite new Exotic for Vault of Glass

No Star-Eater Scales for at 24 hours or you’re grounded!

Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer HELM upgrade Image: Bungie

The original Destiny raid, Vault of Glass, is about to make its grand entrance into Destiny 2. On Saturday, Destiny 2 fans will compete in a new world first race for the new version of Vault of Glass. This includes an altered version of the World First Contest mode, where Bungie boosts up the raid difficulty for the first 24 hours. But while Contest is on, everyone’s new favorite Hunter Exotic won’t be available. Bungie is disabling the Star-Eater Scales for 24 hours.

The Star-Eater Scales Hunter Exotic pants are extremely powerful. Added in Season of the Splicer, the new pants cause Hunters to gain more Super energy when they pick up an Orb of Power. Even better, picking up additional Orbs empowers the Hunter’s Super, making it even stronger.

Over the past week, Destiny fans have been testing these pants out, and discovered just how powerful they are. The Star-Eater Scales cause Hunter’s Golden Gun to deal even more damage than the infamous Celestial Nighthawk helmet, destroying raid bosses. It also gives Hunters a damage boost after using Tether. It’s great for almost every Hunter Super, and it helps players build Super energy faster. This is one of the strongest new Exotics we’ve seen for several seasons. So strong that Bungie won’t let players use them in Contest mode.

In its weekly blog, Bungie announced that Star-Eater Scales are a little too powerful, giving Hunters too much of a damage advantage. The Star-Eater Scales will only be unavailable for 24 hours, so this doesn’t appear to be a bug. Instead, Bungie just wants to maintain the sanctity of the race.

Players won’t be able to equip these pants during the 24 hour window, so Guardians will need to wear something else during their Vault of Glass run. With this announcement coming less than 48 hours before the raid race, it likely put a dent in many player’s pre-set strategies.

But sometimes pants are too strong, and they gotta go.

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