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Dead by Daylight adds Resident Evil’s Jill, Leon, and Nemesis

STAAAARS ... and Leon’s here, too!

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A new Resident Evil-themed chapter is on the way to asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight, and it’s going to be familiar to anyone who’s played the recent Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes. Dead by Daylight’s newest Killer is Nemesis from RE3, and will be joined by two new Survivors: Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy.

In Dead by Daylight, four Survivors face off against one Killer. Survivors are pretty helpless, so their job is to evade the Killer and repair generators around the map so they escape to fight another day. A new map coming to Dead by Daylight is based on the Raccoon City Police Department and will be partially procedurally generated.

Nemesis is one of the game’s most unique Killers yet. His in-game title is the Tyrant, and he brings some Resident Evil tropes to Dead by Daylight. He attacks with a deadly tentacle, making him a bit of a ranged killer similar to the Huntress, Trickster, or Deathslinger. Here’s where things get interesting: Nemesis can infect Survivors he hits with the T-Virus. This causes them to cough and make noises, thus making them easier to find.

When Nemesis is the Killer, he also spawns AI-controlled zombies. These zombies can also infect Survivors with the T-Virus, and Nemesis scales with power when players are infected. His tentacles do more damage when hitting infected Survivors. In addition, Nemesis does more damage and has a longer range when more Survivors are infected.

A limited number of vaccines that cure the T-Virus are scattered around the map, and Survivors will have to make the difficult call of either cleansing the T-Virus early, or saving the precious resource for later in the round.

Jill and Leon, the new Survivors, are a little hardier than the rest of the cast and each has a set of unique perks. Jill can place a mine on a generator, which triggers and explodes, blinding the Killer when they attempt to sabotage it. Leon, on the other hand, has a perk that spawns flashbangs around the map, which serve as a handy distraction. Flashbangs can stop Killers from carrying downed survivors, and if used well, can also blind Killers.

The Resident Evil chapter of Dead by Daylight is set to arrive on June 15. Check out some screenshots of the new chapter in the gallery below.

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