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Catan 3D is a collectors’ edition of the classic board game hand sculpted by its creator

Reworked from tiles carved by creator Klaus Tueber himself

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A game of Catan 3D laid out for play, with a massive mountain and a series of plains in the foreground. Image: Catan Studio/Asmodee
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Hit board game Catan is getting a new collector’s edition featuring pieces hand-sculpted by the game’s creator, Klaus Tueber. Catan 3D goes up for pre-order Tuesday, May 25 and will cost $300.

Catan 3D will include hand-painted 3D terrain tiles, including sea frames and harbor markers, as well as antiqued player pieces. Representatives for publisher Asmodee tell Polygon that the entire set is based on the sculpts made for the 2005 collector’s edition of the game, which was personally carved by creator Klaus Tueber.

“Klaus parlayed his skills as a dental technician into making game pieces,” a representative told Polygon in an email, “including the 10th anniversary edition sculpts on which the 3D edition are based. The 10th anniversary edition tiles had to be digitally re-worked to allow for the different materials and sizes.”

An overhead view of Catan 3D. Image: Catan Studio/Asmodee
A town between two mountains in Catan 3D. Image: Catan Studio/Asmodee
A pasture, complete with a few sheep on a hill. Image: Catan Studio/Asmodee
A mountain rising from the table, carefully shaded with light gray and white snow. Image: Catan Studio/Asmodee

The Settlers of Catan was originally licensed and sold in the United States by Mayfair Games, which closed its doors in 2018 after nearly 40 years of operation. In 2015, Mayfair Games helped refresh The Settlers of Catan with a new, fifth-edition release, simply called Catan. The following year, it sold the North American license for the franchise to Asmodee North America, where it remains to this day. Catan Studio, which is partnering with Asmodee for this release, is an independent developer.

The 10th anniversary edition, published in 2005 and titled Catan 3D Collector’s Edition, also included the Catan: Cities & Knights expansion. It now sells for around $1,000 on the secondary market.

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