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Warcraft 2 is getting a remake in this fan-made mod

We have the technology! We can remake it!

Image: Warcraft 2: Chronicles of the Second War
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We wouldn’t have the sprawling world of Warcraft if it weren’t for the original real-time strategy games. One studio, made up of diehard fans, is making a brand new take on Warcraft 2 called Chronicles of the Second War. This project isn’t just a 1:1 recreation, but a reinterpretation with tons of new content.

This fan-made Warcraft 2 is being made in Warcraft 3: Reforged, but the project has been in development for a decade. It was originally built by Tamplier777, the original lead, but the team has since expanded to eight developers. The mod has gained steam over the last year, as the team was able to release collections of custom assets like fully featured armies for all three dwarven clans.

Shadi, a developer and representative of the team, wrote to Polygon over Discord: “The scope is very large and ambitious. People had the right to be sketchy about this since a lot of ambitious projects halted in the past, like Armies of Azeroth. But luckily for us, we’re eight professional developers with decent backgrounds, and each of us has a specific role, and we don’t have corporates welting our backs for deadlines, so we’re taking our sweet time.”

Chronicles of the Second War is still being developed, but there’s a roadmap for the mod, and the developers drop new lore-faithful assets to keep up interest. Right now, one of the biggest hurdles is Reforged itself. “When Reforged launched, it was so badly cut that there’s still a lot of missing features, such as Custom campaigns, which our mod heavily relies on,” he wrote. “We’re still waiting for Blizzard to add that essential feature back for when we release, so people can enjoy this without glitches or technical problems.”

In February 2021, Blizzard president J. Allen Brack said that Reforged would receive future updates, although there’s no word on timeline for features like Custom campaigns.

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