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Axiom Verge 2 delayed again; free documentary released

Thomas Happ now targeting Q3 2021 launch for Metroidvania

a helicopter lands in this cutscene screen for Axiom Verge 2 Image: Thomas Happ
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Axiom Verge 2 is delayed again, and creator Thomas Happ is now targeting a launch for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC sometime between July and September. To tide fans over, Happ has made free a documentary about the first Axiom Verge’s creation.

That 25-minute film, made by 2 Player Productions, was released on Blu-ray with 2017’s Axiom Verge Multiverse Edition, the game’s physical-format launch for consoles. Happ was the sole developer, artist, writer, and musician for Axiom Verge, which he built over a five-year stretch and launched in 2015.

The documentary, which was also sold via Steam in 2017, is available to watch at IGN.

Happ has promised that players will “discover the origins of the Axiom Verge universe” in the sequel. In the first Axiom Verge, the player character is a researcher named Trace, who awakens from a laboratory accident on an alien world. As Trace, the player explores a glitched-out landscape, repairing code to continue their progress through each level.

Axiom Verge 2 was originally announced to be released on Nintendo Switch at the end of 2019. In October, Happ announced that it would be delayed to early 2021. In February, Epic Games Store representatives confirmed that the cyberpunk Metroidvania would launch for PC exclusively via that store.

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