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Five things we learned about Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

Let’s see how the PS5 treats our girl Yuffie

Yuffie stands back-to-back with Sonon in FInal Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Image: Square Enix
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s updated DLC, Intergrade, comes to PlayStation 5 on June 10, and new footage from Square Enix shows how its star Yuffie Kisaragi will look on the PlayStation 5 console.

Instead of adding more to Cloud Strife’s journey, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will bring an altogether different story and characters to the game. Intergrade follows Yuffie Kisaragi and her partner Sonon Kusakabe, two ninjas from the Wutai government on their own quest to steal Shinra Electric Power Company’s most powerful materia.

Square Enix’s video follows Yuffie as she attempts to achieve her first objective: Rendezvous with Avalanche HQ. The gameplay footage is from pretty early on in the game and doesn’t reveal anything too big or new. Still, here are five things we noticed:

New lore details on Avalanche HQ

We’ve met the new Avalanche team briefly in previous trailers, and now we get more on the cast supporting Yuffie on her quest, Avalanche HQ. Unlike the more militant Avalanche unit from Remake, “HQ is more peaceable and aims to free the people of Midgar from the corporation,” Square Enix said in a news release.

There are four new supporting characters: Zhijie, a Wutaian who is living in Midgar and will be a guide to Yuffie; Nayo, who gives Yuffie and Sonon their IDs to get around Midgar; Polk, a young member of the team who enjoys playing a game called Fort Condor; and Billy Bob, a character who gathers intelligence by going to the bar.

New areas of Midgar

We see more of Yuffie navigating a vast, stony terrain with destroyed buildings, an area that looks like it’s somewhere on the outskirts of Midgar. Later on, we also see her make her way through a new factory area filled with obstacles that show off her agility. Yuffie can glide along vertical metal structures and swing from hanging contraptions. Also, it looks like players will be throwing her shuriken a ton to collect items from boxes and hit switches.

Track down animals and items

Yuffie is a materia hunter, so her tasks center on searching and tracking down items and animals. In one scene, a man named Old Snapper in the Sector Seven slums sends her on a quest to look for flyers across town, and Yuffie ends up tracking down some stray cats. In another scene, she mentions a moogle she’s looking for.

Another brush with Don Corneo?

This isn't confirmed, but it looks like there could be some sort of quest relating to Don Corneo, the mafioso of Wall Market and an antagonist from Remake. We don’t see him in this footage, but we do see Yuffie fight a band of his lackeys, meaning there might be some sort of larger encounter there. Then again, that could just be a random encounter with some of his underlings.

More of Yuffie’s fighting skills

The footage mainly shows off how Yuffie will look and feel in battle. Her weapon — an oversized shuriken — gives her long-distance and close-up combat abilities. Players can throw (and retrieve) her shuriken as a ranged weapon or, when up close, Yuffie can slash it around as if it were a sword or knife.

As for special abilities, Yuffie has one that changes the element of her weapon — fire, ice, lighting, or wind. This allows her to take greater advantage of an enemy’s weaknesses. Then, as we’ve seen before, she can perform tag-team attacks with Sonon, who you can’t control as a character, but can issue orders to.

For the most part, Square Enix’s latest trailer was about showing off Yuffie on the PlayStation 5. We didn't get any more key story details or insight into characters like the mysterious villain, Nero. Still, the new trailer shows Yuffie in action, looking just as amazing as when we first saw her in her adorable moogle cape.

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