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Fallen London’s June update returns to the Sunless Sea setting

Get ready to zail the zeas

Sunless Sea - a ship sails past a scary whirlpool in the dark Image: Failbetter Games
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

Fallen London, the popular roleplaying browser game, has branched out and experimented quite a bit over the last decade. This has included the creation of standalone spinoff games, like Sunless Sea, Sunless Skies, and an upcoming dating simulator. The flagship game continues to go strong, and developer Failbetter Games has shared news about an update that includes a look at more port-related content, for all of you sailing fans out there. It also looks like players are getting a story follow-up to some content and quest hubs set up on islands and ports from Sunless Sea.

The sea — or zee, as it’s called in the fiction of Fallen London — isn’t a popular feature right now. The developer is making a whole host of changes to the way voyages work to make things nice and smooth in anticipation of the next big content arc, called Zeefarer.

Zeefarer is the next cycle of Fallen London updates, which will “contain several new ports that you will be able to visit with your ship, each with their own stories and activities.”

Failbetter shared a little more information about what players can expect from Zeefarer in a news release:

We’re excited to go back to the unterzee and explore those places from a different perspective; exploring the Unterzee in Fallen London lets us tell stories that we couldn’t have told in Sunless Sea.

The first destination in Zeefarer will be the Khanate. The Khanate you will meet is a little different from what you may remember in Sunless Sea – it’s been a few years.

The Khanate is a city that rivals London in beauty, power, and wonder. It’s a place where the deep shadows are banished by electric light – most of the time. It’s a jewel that all the powers of the Neath grasp at, but can’t quite hold. Like London, it is one of the battlegrounds of the Great Game. And if you want to visit, you will have to wager something and sit down at the table.

The Khanate is a port meant to give endgame players a new reason to go to zee; it is most interesting to anyone with access to Balmoral. But expect us to mix in more midgame content alongside new endgame locations in the future; for now, even if you don’t have an advanced railway you will be able to enjoy the new zailing experience. And the Unterzee is a sea, not a rail line – expect to be able to visit the new zee ports more or less in any order.

Zeefarer launches on June 24, along with changes to the zee voyage system. Additional Zeefarer updates will launch over future months.