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Sonic the Hedgehog is coming to Minecraft

The briefest of teases for the biggest IPs

Sonic the Hedgehog in Minecraft Image: Sega
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Sonic the Hedgehog will make his way into Minecraft this year, although we’re not sure how.

In its Sonic Central livestream on Thursday, Sega showed some upcoming crossovers featuring everyone’s favorite chili dog-eating hedgehog. Sonic costumes will come to Two Point Hospital, and players can even dress up in a terrifying Sonic mascot costume in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 video game. Sonic the Fighters will also be playable in Lost Judgement later this year.

Sega also said that future collaborations involving Sonic will appear in 2021. The screen then cut to a Minecraft creation that looks vaguely like Sonic the Hedgehog, with a chicken nearby for scale. This suggests that the speedy hero will make his way into Microsoft’s building game sometime in 2021. While the image in the teaser shows a large structure shaped like Sonic, it seems likely that players will be able to dress themselves up as Sonic and his pals with branded character skins.

The Sonic Central livestream announced a lot of other exciting things for Sonic fans, like a Sonic Colors remaster coming in 2021, a retro collection that includes Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and a new 3D game coming sometime next year.

The Minecraft tease is a “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of moment in an otherwise packed livestream, so we likely won’t hear more about the collaboration for a few months. But something Sonic-related is definitely happening in Minecraft this year.