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Overboard! is a game that lets you murder your husband and cover it up

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We need more games about husband murder, if you ask me

Overboard! - a woman surveys a ship, thinking about what to do next Image: Inkle Ltd.

Overboard! is a replayable detective game where you play a woman on a ship in the 1930s, trying to solve the murder of your husband. There’s just one twist, and it’s a great one: You’re the one who killed him, so you’re just trying to pin the blame on someone and escape to America scot-free. Finally, a game where I can girlboss, gatekeep, and gaslight!

Overboard! is a visual novel by Inkle, a studio known for high-quality narrative games such as 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault. The player navigates the ship and selects their dialogue from menus. The other characters you meet on the ship are fleshed out, and they remember everything they see you do and say. You may have to bribe, convince, or even kill other passengers. And if anyone catches you doing a second murder, well, now your trip is just shot all to hell.

Overboard! is available on iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC for $14.99.