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Watch Disneyland’s new Spider-Man ride from the comfort of your home

Avengers Campus at Disney California officially opens Friday

The Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park opens Friday for guests, following a pandemic-related shutdown that had the whole park closed for more than a year. A new ride, Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, is part of the new Avengers Campus section at Disneyland, and you can experience it now, thanks to the internet.

Tom Holland reprises his Marvel Cinematic Universe role of Peter Parker — aka Spider-Man — in the Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure ride. Here’s the setup: During a Worldwide Engineering Brigade introductory session (where new technology for everyday folks is researched by Parker and co.), a whole bunch of very cute Spider-Bots get loose. When Spider-Bots start self-replicating uncontrollably, Parker enlists the riders’ help, tossing them into a web-slinging vehicle that lets park visitors shoot webs like Spider-Man.

You can see a full ride-through of Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, including the introduction and whole ride experience, courtesy of Theme Park Insider, embedded above.

It looks very fun — Disneyland is using motion-sensor technology to track riders’ upper body, head, and arms to aim and shoot webs that appear on the 3D screen, alongside Spider-Man himself. The ride pulls guests through different scenarios (and parts of the Stark Industries Warehouse), where they can fling spider threads wildly. Theme Park Insider said riders are throwing webs at Spider-Bots and levers that can “wipe out the bots.”

Web Slinger: A Spider-Man Adventure riders can also purchase an “upgrade” for the ride — called the WEB Power Band” — to get certain power-ups. It’s theme park paid DLC!

Elsewhere, you can encounter Spider-Man in the Disneyland park. On TikTok, entertainment website posted a clip of Spider-Man swinging around some of the Avengers Campus buildings.

For another look at Disneyland’s new Avengers Campus, check out Wednesday’s opening ceremonies, which is also available to watch on YouTube.

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