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The next Dungeons & Dragons book will be a whimsical romp through the feywild

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The Wild Beyond the Witchlight arrives in September

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A feline creature with the wings of a butterfly looks on as a spectral circus looms in the night. An orc in a top hat with a pocket watch stands next to a clown.
Cull cover art for The Wild Beyond The Witchlight.
Image: Tyler Jacobson/Wizards of the Coast

The next Dungeons & Dragons campaign book will be titled The Wild Beyond The Witchlight, and be published on Sept. 21. Publisher Wizards of the Coast promises more information during D&D Live, a special two-day event hosted by G4.

D&D has been on a big upswing in popularity with its 5th edition ruleset, which launched in 2014 with the Player’s Handbook. That streak has been particularly hot with its last few offerings. Candlekeep Mysteries is an excellent anthology of short, single sitting adventures crafted by an extraordinarily diverse cast of writers. That was followed up by Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, which reboots the classic horror setting from the 1990s. We called it “the biggest, best D&D book of this generation.”

A panther on a white background, decorative flourishes announcing their arrival.
A special alternate cover will be available at friendly local game stores.
Image: Hydro74/Wizards of the Coast

Coming on the heels of those standout titles, all eyes are on The Wild Beyond The Witchlight to set the tone for the game’s future. Wizards has assigned principle story designer Chris Perkins to be the story lead. While Wizards isn’t providing any details as to what’s inside, it has showed its hand often in the past through its Unearthed Arcana series of early playtest materials. A new packet, launched in May, was titled Folk of the Feywild. It includes sample rules for playing as a Fairy, a Hobgoblin, an Owlfolk, and a Rabbitfolk.

Fans can expect more announcements every day day this week, which Wizards is dubbing the Week of Legend Lore.