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Mighty Goose is Metal Slug, but you’re a goose

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Mighty Goose is out now, thank god

It’s rare that a trailer for a video game you’ve never heard of will drastically improve your day, especially on a Monday morning. But the Mighty Goose release trailer is the exception that proves the rule. Mighty Goose is a side-scrolling shooter where you play a goose on a scooter. Playism, MP2, Dominic Ninmark, and Blastmode launched Mighty Goose on Saturday, June 5 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. It supports next-gen consoles as well.

The trailer for Mighty Goose makes a pretty good sales pitch for the game. The titular goose has big, red metal arms and legs, including an arm cannon. Mighty Goose and his barnyard pals — which a second, less-fortunate player can control — blast through legions of robot and bug enemies on foot, in tanks, mechs, airplanes, and a one-wheeled scooter bike.

A few different times in the trailer, Mighty Goose’s head just lights on fire.

The burning goose is the “Mighty Mode Module,” which players can activate to improve the strength of the already mighty Mighty Goose, according to the trailer above. There are also customizable weapons and allies — such as the aptly named “Regular Duck.”

Playism first revealed Mighty Goose in September of last year. Now that it’s out, it’ll run players $19.99.

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