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Blizzard’s now has a global friends list

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Keep up with friends around the world, all in one place logo Image: Blizzard Entertainment will now let you keep up with what your friends are playing no matter where they are in the world. Starting on Tuesday, the friends list on Blizzard’s launcher now merges your friends from all regions into one single list.

In a preview of the new friends list layout from the desktop version of, it seems that players’ regions will now be listed in front of the game that they’re currently playing, if they’re in a different region than you. With the new global friends list, you can also chat with your friends in other parts of the world and even create full groups with players from many different regions.

Patch notes from Blizzard’s launcher that introduce the global friends list Image: Blizzard/Activision via Polygon

The list currently includes players from Europe, the Americas, and Asia, according to the patch notes from the desktop client.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that you can play anything with players from a different region at this point, but it’s at least nice to know what your friends are up to, even if they aren’t nearby.

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