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Among Us gets Hide and Seek, new map in upcoming updates

Plus, two new roles: the Sherriff and the Scientist

Among Us’ next updates got partially revealed during the Summer Game Fest livestream on Thursday, and they include a new map, new colors and cosmetics, new roles, and a Hide and Seek mode. There’s no release date for these new features yet, and the only part of the new map we got to see was one tiny environmental asset.

The new roles are the Sherriff and the Scientist. In the genre of hidden role games like Among Us, these roles are often used to give the civilians more power against hidden monsters. The Sherriff may be able to take an Impostor out without gaining consensus, and a Scientist may be able to test blood types. We’ll have to see how these new roles fit into the current crewmate/impostor dynamic.

There are also some other nice touches incoming: new visor cosmetics, new crewmate colors, and achievements.

Among Us was released in 2018, but the game saw a massive boost in popularity during the summer of 2020. The social deception game pits crewmates against disguised impostors. If the impostors manage to covertly kill all of the crewmates, they win, but if the crewmates can ferret out the impostors, then they win. It’s a simple concept that plays out very well, especially on streams. The game has maintained a steady fandom since 2020, and it’s still solidly part of the pop culture zeitgeist.

Update: A previous version of this article stated that these features would release in Among Us’ next update; it will be a staggered release.

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