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Netflix and CD Projekt Red partnering for Witcher convention in July

Get ready for Witchercon 2021

Netflix and CD Projekt Red’s Witchercon Image: Netflix/CD Projekt Red
Austen Goslin (he/him) is an entertainment editor. He writes about the latest TV shows and movies, and particularly loves all things horror.

To conclude Netflix’s Geeked Week, the streaming service announced yet another event, but this time it’s all about The Witcher. The event will be called Witchercon and it will be hosted by CD Projekt Red, the developers of The Witcher video game series, and Netflix itself on July 9.

While the announcement didn’t include any specifics, we do know that Netflix has a few Witcher-related projects on the horizon. There’s season 2 of the main show, which Netflix debuted an extremely brief teaser for during Geeked Week, as well as an animated spin off movie, and a new live-action prequel show called The Witcher: Blood Origin. We don’t know for sure if Netflix will premiere anything from those shows at Witchercon, but it certainly seems like a good place to do it.

Meanwhile, the CD Projekt Red half of the announcement is even more mysterious. In the past, the studio’s CEO has hinted that the next project in development could be a new Witcher game, but it wouldn’t necessarily be The Witcher 4, and isn’t likely to star Geralt at all. Since we don’t know any specifics, it’s always possible that CD Projekt Red could have a surprise up its sleeve for the upcoming event.

Witchercon will take place on July 9 and will likely be livestreamed on Netflix’s various channels across Twitch and YouTube.