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The Sims 4 is getting in-game music festivals with good vibes

And yes, the songs are all in Simlish

The Sims 4 - a group of Sims gather at a music festival to party and listen to music. Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts
Cass Marshall is a news writer focusing on gaming and culture coverage, taking a particular interest in the human stories of the wild world of online games.

The Sims 4 players will get a new stage to explore this summer, with an in-game musical event called Sims Sessions. Sims Sessions will run from June 26 through July 7, and includes artists like Bebe Rexha, Glass Animals lead singer Dave Bayley, and singer and songwriter Joy Oladokun.

The Sims franchise has a long history of collaborating with artists to bring their music into the game. Notably, every song has to be changed, because in the Sims everyone speaks Simlish — even the celebrity cameos. While songs are often used for promotional purposes, Sims Sessions will have them be integrated into the game world.

Players can dress their Sims up, head down to the concert, and pick up exclusive digital merchandise from the performers. Once the show is done, they can take to the stage themselves to play some sick tunes. Or, if you’re not interested in that much attention, Sims can sneak off to WooHoo in the tents.

There’s even a tie-in TikTok challenge called #SimlishSessions, where players can sing the single Sabotage in Simlish. It’s a good time to learn the difference between “yabahorne” and “yim bala.”

The Sims 4 will be on sale leading up to Sims Sessions from June 24-29. Players don’t need any expansions in order to visit the Sims Sessions event in-game.

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