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Dead by Daylight turns five, so players can earn in-game goodies

Happy birthday, Entity!

Dead by Daylight - the Twins stand over David King, while the game’s new survivor Élodie Rakoto hides in fear. Image: Behaviour Interactive
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Dead by Daylight, the asymmetrical horror game, has turned five. To celebrate the new anniversary, developer Behavior is giving away in-game currencies and cosmetics. The anniversary event runs from June 30 to July 15.

The first thing that players should keep an eye out for are fancy anniversary crown cosmetics. They can be used by any original Killer or Survivor — sorry, licensed characters like Resident Evil’s Nemesis or Left 4 Dead’s Bill, you’re on your own. Crown pedestals will spawn inside every match. Players who interact with them will gain a golden glow. If survivors survive the match, or killers finish the round, they get to keep the cosmetic.

There will also be in-game challenges. As the community finishes each goal, they can unlock new charms and cosmetics, including some black and gold snazzy outfits for David King and The Wraith. Alongside these cosmetic unlocks, the Shrine of Secrets will update every day with Perks on sale from any character in the game, so you can mix and match your loadout to create the perfect combo. Players who log in over the first seven days of the event will earn 9,000 Iridescent Shards — enough to buy a new character. The first log-in also earns you 500,000 Bloodpoints for upgrading those Bloodwebs, which unlock new perks and other helpful tools.

As a final cute little bonus, all the little pickups around the map, like tool boxes and med kits, now shoot confetti everywhere, so that’s a nice birthday bonus.